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Our DogTown Fundraising Programs Work

In addition to serving excellent food in an exciting atmosphere, our goal at DogTown is to support our local community.

When we created our Community Fundraising Programs, we decided to make sure they were effective for the featured organization.

Our promotions are for the entire month, not just one special night!

We want to make it easy for supporters to visit DogTown at their convenience. You can visit anytime within your designated month and the organization will receive 10% of your receipt.

Here is a schedule of upcoming fundraising events:

  • October 2017 – Olive B. Loss Elementary PTA
  • November 2017 – Cub Scouts Pack 902
  • January 2018 – A G Waters Elementary PTA
  • February 2018 – Olive B. Loss Elementary PTA
  • March 2018 – A G Waters Elementary PTA
  • April 2018 – First Presbyterian of Newark Group Mission Trips (youth mission trip)

The only requirement is that you use an information piece that is supplied by the sponsoring organization or at DogTown (both in-store and online at our website).

Anyone can support our fundraising program. Simply visit for details.

While you are there, please Join our Mailing List so we can keep in touch and send your valuable coupons and special offers.

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