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Enjoy Our USA Custom Dogs – a DogTown Tradition

When DogTown was founded, we decided we wanted to create a customer experience that was a fun adventure.

We created our USA Custom Dogs with creative toppings that were sure to please.

Of course, you can top our Plain Jane hot dog any way you want. Take a trip to our complimentary International Mustard Bar to sample mustards from around the world.

Each week, we will feature one of our USA Custom Dogs at a special price.

Here is a list of our unique USA Custom Dogs

All American Dog:
Chili and cheese


Kraut Dog:

Sauerkraut, Heidelberg brown mustard


Ink Master Dog:

White cheddar cheese and bacon


Coney Island:

All beef dog, yellow mustard, chili and chopped onions


Chili, jalapenos, bacon and onions


The Cowboy:

Bacon, BBQ sauce and grilled onions


New England:

Baked beans, onions and maple bacon


All The Way:

Carolina-style chili and a mound of creamy coleslaw



Smoked bacon and Old Bay slaw


Fly’N Hawaiian:

Pineapple, bacon, mozzarella cheese and honey mustard


Miami Dream:

Salsa, cheddar cheese and sour cream


Southern Cal:

Relish, onion, slice of tomato, yellow mustard, cheddar cheese and a pickle spear


Reuben Dog:

Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing


Veggie Dog:
Non-meat hot dog for our Vegans


State Fair:

Extra large corn dog, batter dipped and cooked to perfection


We know it’s hard to choose! Plan regular visits to DogTown so you can sample each one of our USA Custom Dogs.

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